Live Webcast

Welcome to the Future of Continuing Education!  Case Reports in the Sun will be available via Live Webcast.  We will be using a browser-based streaming solution (YouTube) that is compatible with all web browsers and operating systems.  This will give perfusionists who are unable to attend Case Reports an opportunity to participate live and earn 32.4  for their participation.  Webcast participants will be able to view the presenter simultaneously with the presentation (including video content within the PowerPoint Presentations), as well as join in with the discussion part of the program via live chat.   The price for the Live Webcast is online and can be purchased online via the link below.  Student and International Attendee discounts are available.


No Phone support is available, only email support during the conference.


A Live Demo Presentation will be conducted prior to the actual conference on TBD.  Webcast registrants will be encouraged to participate.  Perfusion.COM Support Staff will be available to solve any technical challenges you may encounter.