Exhibitor Grant Information

Vendors are encouraged to make a grant to the Florida Perfusion Society to support our meeting.  All vendors should understand the following guidelines which will be provided in to each vendor in a formal grant letter.

“This grant will be used to foster increased understanding of scientific, clinical, or healthcare issues that contribute to the improvement of patient care. This grant will be used solely for legitimate expenses related to education, training, or the improvement of healthcare professionals or patients in connection with medical education, training, or the improvement of patient care. The grant will not be used for general overhead or for expenses of attendees, is not intended as a price term, or offered in lieu of a price concession; is not intended to encourage off-label use, or is not contingent on the purchase of products. We acknowledge that the vendor may review the use of these grant funds. Vendor funding and relationship with program provider, presenters, or moderator will be disclosed to attendees.”

 Grant Letter Case Reports 2011

 Florida Perfusion Society W9 Form


Please fill out the form below to if you are a vendor wishing to make a grant to the Florida Perfusion Society. Upon completion of this form, you will be contacted by the Florida Perfusion Society Treasurer regarding the grant details and provide with a formal grant letter.
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